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"Our payment terms were Net 30, but 90 days later it seemed like we'd never get paid. Enter Finance Fuel, who used automation to jump through the invoicing hoops. Approximately 30 days after enlisting Finance Fuel, we finally received payment."

Adam Block

VP Finance, Vinyl Me Please

"Finance Fuel has saved me so much time, and has made my invoicing system so much more efficient. I no longer have to chase tenants for rent, or apply late fees when they don't pay on time."

Caitlin McAllister

Executive Director, Catapult

Use Your Existing Software

No new software implementation or new accounts to learn.

What You Gain

Speed up your Cash Flow collection time. Generate Revenue. Save Time

Shorten your days sales outstanding & average days to pay

Turbo boost your Accounts Receivable process and speed up collecting your owed money

Save time and focus your energy on high value work

Don’t manually create invoices, deal with invoice disputes, or chase down customers to pay. Spend your time on higher value activities driving the business forward

Know the ins and outs of your business with detailed financial insights

Receive real time generated financial insights to know exactly what is working and what is not inside your business

Let FinanceFuel Do
The Job For You

Close the deal. We’ll handle the rest.

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That’s Not All

Accounts Receivable effects all parts of the business. We provide unified contract organization, notifications, and real-time billing updates as terms in contracts are achieved. Additional working capital for growth and expansion may be needed, get a reliable, low-cost loan that works based on your business. And receive deep financial insights in real-time about customer risk scoring, job costing, qualified prospects, and more

Ensure Billing & Payments match Contract Terms

Save & Organize all contracts. Receive notifications about important dates, such as renewals, expirations, fee changes.

Spend your time growing your business, not processing invoices

Get a business line of credit. Additional capital should not cost you an arm and a leg.

Collect your owed money faster (on average 7 days)

Receive deeper financial insights. Risk scoring, job costing, key metrics, and more.