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FinanceFuel accelerates your Cash Flow
by speeding up your Accounts Receivable

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Why FinanceFuel

FinanceFuel is an Accounts Receivable Management Solution that accelerates your Cash Flow by speeding up your AR.

Most companies send invoices and await payment. Fire and forget. FinanceFuel's secret-sauce is data-driven nudging of your customers to keep your invoice out to them at the top-of-mind. We ensure we're contacting the right person in an approachable way, we make sure your customers know that we are your AR person and not a collections agency, we make sure they know that there's an invoice outstanding, and we make it easy for them to pay. After sending invoices we don't wait until an invoice is overdue to nudge your customers again, we politely contact them from time to time to make sure you get paid for the work you've done.

We have a data-driven process that automates invoice creation and speeds up time to reconciliation, ensuring that you get payments from your customers faster and easier. We integrate directly with your existing Quickbooks, Xero, Netsuite, or other accounting software. It’s painless for you because you don’t need to mix another process into your workflow or have someone manage a new software solution, you just get your invoices paid faster for the fraction of the cost of a bookkeeper.

What You Can Expect When Working With FinanceFuel

  • 1. You will get your invoices paid faster. Our customers love having a dedicated partner sending invoices on time, and diligently following up to make sure they aren’t lost in the shuffle. We'll work together with you to manage disputes, and we are great at incentivizing customers to pay their invoices ASAP.
  • 2. We have some things automated with technology, but we have AR professionals take care of the pieces that require a human touch. You won’t get “well that’s just the way the system works” from us. This will get you faster payments by 33% and reduce bad debt by at least 1%
  • 3. We care for your customers first. We recognize that customers are hard-won, and we are excellent at getting you paid while keeping your customers happy
  • 4. We manage Accounts Receivable for you. No need for you to hop in and manage a new tool, just sit back, read our detailed updates, and know that your AR is in good hands

How Do We Get Started?


Meet Your Dedicated
and Certified Accounts
Receivable Expert

Focus on driving your business forward. We'll handle accelerating your invoice creation and sending, following up on unpaid invoices, and reconciling payments.


Connect Your Systems

No more downloading PDFs, manual data entry, or building long To-Do lists. We connect directly with the bookkeeping software you already use so that you don’t have another tool to manage.


Collect Your Accounts Receivable

We process invoices, identify discrepancies & disputes, and nudge to receive payment


Convert A/R to Cash
within 48 hours

Provide small incentives to your customers to accelerate payment within 48 hours of sending the invoice.


Mastery of
Your Business

Receive all activity and financial reports in real time without adding another dashboard to log in to.

Let FinanceFuel Do
The Job For You

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