September 25, 2019

Explained: Non-Recourse Invoice Factoring

Factoring is a form of financing that helps companies with cash flow problems due to slow-paying clients. It allows your business to finance invoices, which improves your company’s working capital that can be used for important expenses. Non-recourse invoice factoring plans have quickly become very popular… Read More

September 18, 2019

6 Ways to Improve Cash Flow for your Business by Mastering Days Sales Outstanding

Improving cash flow is a top priority for businesses. Money is needed for day to day operations, payroll, business transactions, and loans. Mastering Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) can greatly improve your business finances and help your company thrive.  You may be asking yourself, “What is DSO?”… Read More

September 11, 2019

Why is Net 30 still a thing?

Net 30 payment terms made sense when you could only send an invoice via physical mail. And then receive a check back via physical mail. And any invoice discrepancies were discussed via physical mail. You get the idea. An email takes seconds to arrive. And money… Read More

September 4, 2019

Invoice Factoring Terminology

Just like any business, invoice factors have their own terminology that may be confusing at times. Having a good understanding of the common terms being thrown around by invoice factoring companies will help you quickly navigate the space, as well as giving you a deep understanding of how an invoice… Read More

August 28, 2019

Are Late Payments Inevitable?

Customers don’t always pay on time. Even if they are regular payers, they usually wait until the end of their net terms with you. Sometimes the customer can’t pay, meaning they literally don’t have the cash on hand. Sometimes the customer won’t pay any faster… Read More

August 15, 2019

Working Capital in Manufacturing: How to Thrive in Periods of Rising Costs & Explosive Growth

A quick definition so that we’re on the same page: Working capital is your cash for day-to-day expenses. More specifically, working capital represents short-term assets available to a business for meeting their financial obligations like payroll, creditors, and suppliers. Cash flow is your ability to generate cash over… Read More

August 14, 2019

What is invoice factoring? Today and through the years.

Before the days of Quickbooks, Xero, Harvest, or Excel there was invoice factoring. Invoice factoring has been around for thousands of years but because technology has changed so drastically (especially in the last twenty years) we think it’s a good idea to provide an updated definition. Whether you’re… Read More

August 8, 2019

Reading List: Radical Self-Inquiry, Only You Know Where You Are Headed

Growing your business? Trying to be happy? Solving problems – professionally or personally? Figuring out what drives you? Radical Self Inquiry I read Reboot by Jerry Colonna this weekend. He talks about radical self-inquiry throughout the book. He shares… Read More

August 7, 2019

How To Get Your Invoices Paid Faster: Invoice Factoring vs Invoice Discounting

It’s tough to get your invoices paid faster, especially when the company you’re invoicing is bigger than you are. Discounting is a solution that entices your customers to pay their invoice faster, and Factoring skips the whole problem by paying you immediately. Invoice Factoring Factoring an… Read More

July 31, 2019

How Can I Fund The Growth Of My App or Game Business?

Did you launch an app or game on a distribution platform and need your revenue right away or can you wait 30-45 days?  What could you accomplish with your funds a month (or more) faster?  Could you hire an additional developer? Click go on… Read More